Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Why the battle?

I've come to realize in the last year that the mother's circle is a competitive one.

Somehow, having a little one, has thrown me in a mash pit of crazy haired, nail biting, teeth gnashing competitors.

I wonder, is there a white flag that I can wave to let people know that I'm not feelin' it? Shall I tattoo it on my forehead to stave off the moms who don't know that I'm not comparing my little one to theirs, my sleep issues to theirs, my love of motherhood to theirs, my philosophy to theirs?

Friday, February 5, 2010

The One Stats

Madison is One!

* 1617 pictures in her picture album

* 17 baby signs

* about 100 trips up and down the stairs

* 2 parents completely head over heals

* 9 pairs of shoes (hand me down) for when she turns 2 sitting in a bag. 0 pairs of shoes that fit a 1 year old. How did that happen?

* 1 95 pound dog that she loves to stand up on

* 8 teeth in - 4 coming through

* About 2000 kisses blown

* Much, much more fun to be had.

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Psychoanalyze This!

I often remember bits and pieces of my dreams - but this time, it was the whole thing. I'm mostly writing this to see if it's possible for me to make it make sense to anyone else out there. So, 6 blog followers, feel free to share a little love if you were able to navigate through this.

A few things to know going in:
1. Sebastian, my pups, has epilepsy. He's been pretty bad the last few days, and the vet had him stay on a 24 hour watch the night I had this dream. He's been cluster seizing, and the valium injections we give him weren't controlling them. I was really worried about him.

2. I have never seen anyone beat Super Mario Bros., but I dream of the day that I will. I think people who can beat it are superheroes. Thus far, I think of the princess as being whiney and useless, but I hear she pulls it together for the big finish.

3. I miss teaching middle school.

Okay, big sigh, here goes...

1. I looked like Nicole Head, but really I was Mario from Super Mario Brothers. I still had a bad hair cut, but I did have the awesome blue overalls with yellow buttons and the red train hat.

2. I was responsible for getting a little boy (about 8(ish) with red hair and freckles) to his mom - who was the princess from Super Mario Brothers.

3. The little boy was sick - he had really bad asthma.

4. My task was to get him past 8 challenges in order to get to his mom. Each challenge was designed to be both our destruction and our salvation - it was within the challenges that I got enough medicine to keep this little boy (I think his name was James - so I'll go with that) to the next challenge.

5. Our first challenge was within the confines of the ginger bread house with the wicked witch from Hansel and Gretel. The catch was, I knew before James and I went in that she was evil, but I also knew she had asthma medicine. So, we had to get in. (Please don't make fun of me now). In order to get in, I had to swim through a baked bean moat with James on my back. He couldn't swim because of his asthma. Now, let me tell you, baked beans are really hard to swim through... especially with a green knapsack and a little boy. But, we made it in.

6. The witch wanted to fatten us up so that she could eat James (because she likes to eat little children), and then she was going to keep me trapped there for companionship. I suppose I never really thought about how lonely she must be. Anyway...

7. I needed to trick her into giving us extra asthma medicine so that I would have enough to keep James alive while we went to the 2nd challenge.

8. I kept failing and waking up frustrated. Our story kept ending the way video games do. A little picture of James and I spinning around and then disappearing because we had "died". But then, we were back alive and trying again...

9. I finally did it! I figured out that I had to pretend to have asthma as well so that she would give me medicine for both of us, and then I just had to hide mine.

10. We escaped and swam back through the baked bean moat. This time James could swim himself because he had asthma medicine. It was a good thing that he did because an alligator chased us.

11. My dream ended with us walking through the field at the end of The Giver by Louis Lowry. I knew we had to find our next challenge, but I didn't know what it was.

Anyone wanna take a crack at it? Freud, you available?