Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Why the battle?

I've come to realize in the last year that the mother's circle is a competitive one.

Somehow, having a little one, has thrown me in a mash pit of crazy haired, nail biting, teeth gnashing competitors.

I wonder, is there a white flag that I can wave to let people know that I'm not feelin' it? Shall I tattoo it on my forehead to stave off the moms who don't know that I'm not comparing my little one to theirs, my sleep issues to theirs, my love of motherhood to theirs, my philosophy to theirs?


  1. You're the best mom in my book :)

  2. Yeah, yeah. You're just trying to sucker 'em all in and then BAM! you'll be on Oprah with the blue ribbon.

    I say carry a sniper rifle around. Nobody's gonna challenge a mom with a sniper rifle.

  3. seriously. What is up with the crazy competitive moms? I will wave the white flag with you!

  4. Did you know it's already May? Apparently not, since there is no blog updating going on. What you can't bake cupcakes, do dishes, work full time, play with your daughter and update your blog all at the same time?
    You're an amazing mom and I hope you know that. The mommy wars are just others insecurities coming out. Maybe this will cheer you up:

  5. Hi Nicole-

    I dont have your email! But, i wanted to respond to your question about taking pictures in the mirror. Our master bathroom has a huge dressing area with mirrored closests, so I take pictures as a reflection in the mirrored closet doors! Hope that helps :)